Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday nights

Hello everyone,
Just want to give you an update on our Wednesday night schedule for the youth. Our youth group is for anyone in grades 7 - 12. We eat supper at 6:00 pm and give the youth a few minutes to talk, play ping-pong, listen to music... There are always some who come in late, so this extra time gives them time to eat. At 6:30 we all meet (Cram!!) into the youth room for announcements and worship. We have been averaging in the 60's so the youth room gets really small and hot with that many people. We are blessed to have adults leading small groups each week as well. After our worship time, and introduction of our lesson, we divide into 6 small groups based on age. We try to finish each week around 7:45. Last week, we finished an incredible series called "Why Jesus"? It was filmed on location throughout the Holy Land. The junior high boys class stayed late asking so many questions! Special thanks to Danny Swinney for answering these, and leading this class. I invite all parents to come and join us for 1 night, you might just get hooked into staying!

Make sure and pick up your Parent packet, with all the details for our upcoming events.

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